The DNF List | Books I did not finish and why

Every reader has their own view on books that they are not enjoying.

I know many readers who are avid-finishers: no matter how terrible the book they will endevour to the end. Other people have varying degrees of conditions for DNFing a book: scrapping a book only if they attempted 50% or been attempting to read for at least 6 months, for example.

And then there are readers like myself. The longer I am an avid reader the less patience I have for books I don’t enjoy. There are too many great books on my TBR for me to waste time on something I’m not happy about.

Whatever your DNF style, I respect your decision. We all have our methods. But let’s look at what I personally did not finish and why.

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The Ready-Made Thief |  I loved the story of the thief, the story of the secret society, the story of a girl sent to prison, and the story of weird steampunky science mysteries. But all together, the entire story was disjointed and jarring, making it a struggle to keep up and stayed engaged.

The Secret Runners of New York (full review)| I have loved Reilly’s adult books. But I didn’t even get to the action in this book because there were just too many issues. From the seemingly unnecessary and extremely offensive “bullying” to the really bad mental health rep I just could not.

Lethal White | I attempted this for book selection at the library and I officially am not a fan of Galbraith. WHY IS THIS BOOK SO LONG?!

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Heartless | I’m sorry Meyer. This is the second book of yours that I have DNF’d. The plot was just dull. The Romeo-and-Juliet trope is old and dusty. And everything just seemed to take FOREVER to get to a point.

The Right Thing to do at the Time (full review)  I was really hopeful about this book – a Pride and Prejudice retelling with two queer, Jewish men? Of course I wanted to love it. But I just could not trudge through the writing style. Or Ari’s apathy.

The Disasters | This was one of those books where there was nothing wrong with the book and yet there wasn’t anything to grab at me either. I just wasn’t expecting a book about teenagers in space and literally on a mission to save the Earth to feel so slow?

This is not everything I have ever put on my DNF shelf – on Goodreads, this shelf is currently sitting at 62. And they certainly won’t be the last.

What are your thoughts on DNFing books? Have you read (or struggled) with anything listed here? Come and chat!

5 thoughts on “The DNF List | Books I did not finish and why

  1. I used to DNF a lot more than I do now, since book prices are going WAY up, and along with that the guilt for not finishing the books I buy. BUT, I also do believe that time is precious, and I don’t want to waste time on a book I know I won’t enjoy. I’m also curious — what other Marissa Meyer book have you DNFed? I loved the first three Lunar Chronicles books (but I’ve put the last on hold multiple times).

    ❤ Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually struggled with the Lunar Chronicles and DNF’d Cinder about halfway. It’s one that I really do want to revisit but there is something that hasn’t kept me engaged in her stories in the past.


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