Graphics and Images Disclaimer

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I own the copyright on all final altered images implemented on this website. If you wish to replicate anything, please contact me for permission to do so and than provide accurate CREDIT to me.


Content Disclaimer

I do not receive any compensation from this website or any of the content on this blog. I am NOT a paid reviewer. All content on this website, including reviews, is completely my creation, otherwise the content will be clearly credit back to the original creator (e.g. tag posts, meme series).

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All books featured on this website were sourced in the following ways:

  • purchased by me
  • gifted by friends/family
  • won/gifted via a giveaway
  • borrowed from a library
  • provided by author, publisher, publicist, NetGalley or Edelweiss+ websites
    • I will ALWAYS be clear when books have been provided to me in this way and this will not affect my honest review